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Accessing the Control Panel

ProductCart Control Panel

Accessing your store's Control Panel

After activating your store, the Control Panel log in page will automatically be displayed. This is your entry point into the administration area of your online store. To load the same page at a later time, bookmark the following URL in your browser.

If you receive a “404 Page Not Found” error at the end of the Setup Wizard, the reason is very likely that you have renamed the pcadmin folder in your directory structure, but you have forgotten to edit the file includes/secureadminfolder.asp

The first time you attempt to log into the Control Panel using a computer from which you have not logged into the Control Panel before, you will be asked to agree to the ProductCart End User License Agreement, which sets the terms and conditions of use of this software.

You will not see the license agreement again, unless you wish to access the Control Panel from a different computer. The reason why you are asked to agree to the End User License Agreement again when using a different computer is that we assume that it is a new user that is accessing the Control Panel.

Make sure cookies are enabled in your browser or otherwise the same page will keep refreshing as ProductCart will not be able to know whether or not you have agreed to the terms.

As soon as practical you should start to access the admin pages using the “live” store URL- including the "www" if your store is configured with a domain name stating "www". This is because a few functions, such as generating site maps and navigation use the URL you're using to determine the URL's to use when generating links.

About the Control Panel

ProductCart's Control Panel allows you to manage virtually every aspect of your online store via a user friendly, browser-based interface For information about which browsers are compatible with the Control Panel, please see the System Requirements section of this User Guide.

When you are using the Control Panel, you are actually modifying in real-time how your store operates. All settings configured in the Control Panel are immediately reflected on your store (e.g. adding a new product, changing a price, etc.).

There are ways, however, to add content to your database without having it immediately available on your storefront. For instance, you can add a new product to the store, but keep it inactive until you are ready to sell it: as the administrator, you will be able to preview the product in the storefront, but customers will not be able to see it.

You can also turn your store off temporarily while doing major maintenance (e.g. setting up new shipping options). To log in, enter your User ID and your Password and click on the Submit button. You will be logged in and taken to the General Settings area of the Control Panel, where you can configure a series of general settings that apply to your store. Next time you log in, the Control Panel’s start page will be displayed.

Getting Familiar with the ProductCart Control Panel

  • To navigate to a specific area of the Control Panel, use the navigation in the top area of the Control Panel. Don’t be overwhelmed by the incredible amount of features that ProductCart gives you access to: you will use a lot of them to manager and grow your online store. We will cover all of them in this User Guide, but to get started, you will only need to learn how to use a few of them.
  • The Control Panel start page (menu.asp) contains tools to quickly look for products and orders, a list of recent orders, a summary of monthly sales for the year, a list of useful links and a way for you to check for product updates (the Check for Updates link located in the top-right corner).
  • For technical support links, click on the Help button located at the top-right corner of the navigation bar. To return to the Control Panel welcome page, click on Start Page in the top-left corner of the navigation bar.
  • If you get lost, use the Site Map for a list of most features that are available to you and direct links to them.