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Apparel Add-on Features

The Apparel Add-on can be used with both the Standard and Configurator version of ProductCart. It adds the following features to a ProductCart-powered store:
  • Allow customers to view different variations of the product image (e.g. different color).
    You can also associate an image with the option attributes (e.g. color swatches), which is shown just below the product image. When customers click on it, the corresponding option is selected in the drop-down, and the image changes accordingly. For example, in the image shown on the previous page, when customers click on the red color swatch, the option “Mountain Red” is automatically selected in the “Color” drop-down, and the product image changes to show a red version of the jacket..

  • Automatically prevent customers from ordering out-of-stock product variations.
    When a selection is made from the first drop-down (e.g. “Mountain Red”, continuing on the example above), the second drop-down (e.g. “Size”) is instantly updated, without refreshing the page. If any of the available combinations (e.g. “Mountain Red/Small”, “Mountain Red/Medium”, etc.) is out of stock, ProductCart will either show an out of stock message, or hide the selection. This setting can be configured on a product by product basis.

  • Set a number of variables at the product variation level.
    For each product variation (e.g. color/size combinations), you can specify a part number, a general image, a detail view image, a price differential (e.g. Add $5 for all XXL sizes), product weight (e.g. a XXL jacket might weigh much more than the XS version of the same product), and inventory information (stock count or 'disregard stock', product-specific back-ordering settings). You can also specify whether a specific variation is active or not (e.g. you can create N sub-products that will be kept inactive until they become available). The Apparel Add-On equips ProductCart's Control Panel with a number of tools that allow you to quickly create and efficiently manage all product variations. You will be able to generate and update multiple product variations, for multiple apparel products at once.

  • 1 to 10 option groups
    You have the ability to define your sub-products (product variations) based on any number of option groups between 1 and 10 (e.g. “size”, “color”, and “style”). This gives you tremendous flexibility. Consideration should be given to the total number of sub-products that will be generated when a large number of options or option groups are used as the page-weight can get very large with a consequent impact on page load times - it's worth testing as soon as you create the product.

  • Set quantity discounts for each product variation.
    You can set individual quantity discounts for each product variation, which allows you to place one or more product combinations “on sale” without altering the main product’s price. This allows you, for instance, to place all “small” sizes of a certain sweater “on sale” without altering the sweater’s retail price.

  • Save & Choose Another
    In the storefront, your customers will be able to add more than one sub-product to the cart at the same time (e.g. add “Blue-Small” and “Red-Medium” to the cart at the same time, without having to go back to the product details page and select another combination).

  • Advanced inventory settings
    Inventory management is now even more flexible as you can set back-ordering settings at the product variation level. For example, you might have “Blue-Small” is in stock, “Blue-Medium” ships in 5 days and can be purchased, “Blue-Large” is out of stock and cannot be purchased). In addition, you can use the “disregard inventory” feature at the sub-product level.