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Assigning Reward Points to Products

You can assign points to products in the following ways:
  • Product by Product
    By entering a number (must be a positive integer) in the Reward Points field on the Product Settings tab when adding, modifying, or cloning a product. Please note that the field label will use the name you assigned to your Reward Points (e.g. “Mega Miles”). Also note that points should be integers only: if you enter decimals, the number will be rounded off to the closest integer.

  • All Products
    By using the feature Assign Points to Multiple Products at Once, which can be accessed from the Reward Points start page. This feature allows you to assign points to ALL products in your store. Note that when you click on the Update button, the form will update ALL products in your store and the action cannot be undone. You have the option to assign points to all products based on two criteria:
    • Points = Price. Points will be assigned to all products based on a product’s price. So if the price of a product is $50, that product will be assigned 50 points. If the price contains decimals (e.g. $49.95), the closest integer is used (e.g. 50 points would be assigned to this product).
    • Points = Price * Multiplier. Points will be assigned to all products based on the product’s price, times the multiplier. This allows you to award a large number of points, which can help increase the program’s ‘perceived value’, even if the prices of your products are rather small. Make sure to adjust the Conversion Rate accordingly to ensure that when those large amounts are redeemed, they are correctly converted into your store’s currency. For example, if you set the MultiplierItalic Text at 10 and the Conversion Rate at 1%, a $100 purchase would assign the customer 1000 points, which the store would then translate into a $10 discount when the points are redeemed during a future purchase.
  • Multiple Products
    You can also assign Reward Points to multiple products by using the Global Changes feature or the Product Import Wizard.