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Banner Manager - v5.3+

The Banner Manager introduced in ProductCart version 5.3 allows merchants and store owners to set up and schedule informational or promotional banners which can be included in your ProductCart theme or Home Page.

Adding a Banner Display to Your Website:

To update your site to display banners that you can manage via the ProductCart console, you'll need to include the following snippet of ASP code wherever you'd like your new banner to appear:

<% server.Execute ("message.asp") %>

We suggest adding your new banner to your theme's header.asp or footer.asp, so that it can be viewed on all pages of your website.

Your new banner will come with default styling, and you'll be able to add background color and font styles via the Banner Management tool. However, you might also wish to have a web designer add some standard styles via your theme's CSS, so that you can simply change banner text as a store owner and not worry about matching colors and fonts.

Managing Your Banner Content:

You can find the new Banner Management tool by going to MARKETING > Manage Banners

To add a new banner, click on the "New Banner" button. This will take you to a screen with several customizable settings that will apply to this single banner only. Additional banners can have their own unique settings.
  • Start Date: this is the first date you want your banner to display on your website. It will begin displaying at 12:00AM on the date you set here. (NOTE: all dates and times are according to your web server's clock, so be sure to check with your host regarding time zones)
  • Expires: this is the day your banner is removed from your website. That means at 12:00AM on the date you set, your banner will stop displaying. (NOTE: this corresponds with the way Discount Code expiration works in ProductCart)
  • Banner Background Color: you can choose a background color for your new banner via the color picker provided.
  • Banner Content: while most people will simply add some text and a link (for instance, "Get $5 Off When You Buy Our New Widget! Click Here"), the Content Editor allows you the following options:
    • Choose font
    • Headline
    • Font color
    • Font background color (shading/highlight)
    • Bullets
    • Numbered lists
    • Indent
    • Tables
    • Bold, italic, underline, or strikethrough
    • Paragraph alignment
    • Links
    • Photos
    • Video embed (YouTube)
    • Advanced HTML editor
These options and settings make each banner a powerful and flexible marketing tool!

Manage Multiple Banners

You can pre-schedule an unlimited number of banners, allowing you to "set it, and forget it" during busy marketing periods. However, only one banner will run at a time. If you have more than one banner within an active Start and Expiration date, the first one added to your Banner list will be given priority and displayed.

Once you've added your fist banner, whenever you visit the Banner Management screen, the first thing you will see is a list of banners that you have set up previously. You'll see the first few words of the banner, the Start Date, Stop Date, and a Delete icon.

Use the "Delete" icon to clean up this screen and remove banners you don't want to use anymore.

To edit a specific banner, simply click on the preview text shown.