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Connecting QuickBooks and ProductCart: Setup Wizard

About the Setup Wizard
The ProductCart Synchronizer for use with QuickBooks® contains a Setup Wizard that will help you quickly get started. As part of the Setup, you will complete a short interview so you can tell ProductCart how you want to use the software (e.g. auto or manual synchronization). The choices you make now will determine how the ProductCart Synchronizer exchanges information with your QuickBooks company file.
Before Using the Wizard
Before you start the Setup Wizard you must confirm that you have completed these two steps:
You must carefully review both of these document before running the Setup Wizard. The Getting Started section helps you prepare your QuickBooks company file. The Installation Steps section help you this ProductCart Add-On on your e-commerce store. Both your Web store and your QuickBooks company file must be “ready to go” before you can proceed.

Starting the Setup Wizard

To start the Setup Wizard, click on the corresponding button at the end of the ProductCart Synchronizer update database script, or navigate to the following page on your Web store:
… where is the domain name of your Web store, store is the name of the renamed ProductCart folder, and myAdmin is the name of the renamed "pcadmin" folder.

On the page that is loaded, click on Start Setup Wizard.

Step 1 - Installing the QuickBooks Web Connector

The ProductCart Synchronizer for use with QuickBooks® communicates with your QuickBooks software using a tool called the Web Connector. Please click the download link on your screen and install the Web Connector on your local computer. You must install Web Connector on the computer that is running QuickBooks.

Step 2 - Create a Login

Once you have the QuickBooks Web Connector installed you must grant it access to your store. Type a username and password into the fields and click Save.

Step 3 - Activate QuickBooks Web Connector

In Step One your installed the Web Connector. In Step Two we created a login for it. Now you must activate the Web Connector so it can communicate with your ProductCart-powered Web store.
  • Click Activate Web Connector on your screen.
  • You will be prompted to save or open a special configuration file. Click Open and follow the prompts. The Authorize New Web Service window may take several seconds to appear. Wait until you see it appear on your desktop.
  • To review this step in further detail view the Activating Web Connector page

Step 4 - Import QuickBooks Company File

Once you have activated the Web Connector (the Web Connector is running and it is showing ProductCart Synchronizer as an active application), return to your browser and click on Continue to Step Four in the Setup Wizard.

In this Step you will be testing your store's ability to connect with QuickBooks. If successful, ProductCart will import your Chart Of Accounts, Company Details, and Preferences.

Follow these instructions to complete this step:
  • Make sure the Web Connector is running on your desktop
  • Make sure QuickBooks is running with your company file open
  • Make sure that your QuickBooks company file has been properly formatted, as described under Preparing your QuickBooks
  • Resize the browser window so you can view both these instructions and Web Connector.
  • When you are ready, on the Web Connector window check the check box next to ProductCart Synchronizer, enter the password that you created in the Setup Wizard, and click on “Update Selected”.

Web Connector will send information from your company file to ProductCart. The bottom area of the Web Connector window will keep you informed on what the application is doing via the Application Progress and Total Progress bars. At the end, it should display a screen where both bars are green and report 100% completed.

After the Web Connector is finished return to your Web browser and continue the Setup Wizard by selecting “Continue to Interview”. If the Web Connector displays an error visit the troubleshooting guide .

The Interview

Now that you have successfully connected your QuickBooks company file with your ProductCart-powered Web store using Web Connector, the ProductCart Synchronizer will take you through a multi-step interview in which it will prompt you to make some decisions on how you would like the system to work.

If when you start the interview you receive a message indicating that one or more QuickBooks accounts are missing, add the required accounts to your QuickBooks company file, and then simply repeat Step 4 as described above to import the new accounts into ProductCart Synchronizer using Web Connector.

Each step of the Interview will link to this support base or to the Online Help to give you details on what the various options allow you to do. In the first step, you will decide how you would like to map your customer accounts. Go ahead and go through the interview!

QuickBooks® is a registered trademark and service mark of Intuit Inc. in the United States and other countries.