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ProductCart 5.3 Change Log

5.3 Change Log

New Features

  • jQuery library update to jQuery 3.1.1.
  • Slideshow scripting update to Flickety to accommodate new jQuery.
  • Offline credit card support deprecated.
  • Configurator - multiple default options allowed.
  • Banner manager.
  • Slideshow scheduler.
  • Quick order entry.
  • Category and Brands cross-selling widget.

Bug Fixes

  • [PC-214] - Canada Post updated to latest version.
  • [PC-283] -Express Checkout updated to support "in-context" method.
  • [PC-426] - USPS Retail Ground HTML sanitized in email.
  • [PC-488] - Bug in accessing saved quotes.
  • [PC-666] - Updated integration with Virtual Merchant payment gateway.
  • [PC-836] - Bug in Repeat Order feature with Product Options.
  • [PC-838] - Added Alt text to import wizard.
  • [PC-844] - Shipping surcharge not accounted in free shipping validation.
  • [PC-852] - Removed 'Reward Points for Referrals' setting from previously deprecated features.
  • [PC-863] - Quote ID added to printable quote.
  • [PC-866] - State/Province dropdown not shown on viewCart when Canada is Country of Origin.
  • [PC-892] - Custom shipping options break after upgrade to v5.2.1.
  • [PC-900] - Bug in mobile storefront with v47 theme in v5.2.1.
  • [PC-906] - Improved USPS address validation.
  • [PC-913] - Custom Shipping rate incorrectly shown.
  • [PC-914] - Canonical link is not correct on Product Configuration page.
  • [PC-915] - Browser URL differs from Canonical URL.
  • [PC-917] - Incorrect SEO-friendly links generated by clicking the 'Previous' and 'Next' buttons.
  • [PC-919] - Save cart button not working.
  • [PC-926] - Bug in integration.
  • [PC-929] - Downloadable product license generation broken when forcing https.
  • [PC-931] - Products duplicated on the View Brands page.
  • [PC-942] -" &nbsp" appears in the Order Invoice PDF.
  • [PC-944] - eCommerce Widget is not working correctly.
  • [PC-948] - FedEx change in Online Tools account registration.
  • [PC-949] - Check Real-time Rates is not available if Billing Address = Shipping Address.
  • [PC-952] - Minimum Quantity feature throws an error with Configurator Products in certain scenarios.
  • [PC-953] - Apostrophe in the company name causes error on checkout page.
  • [PC-958] - Obscure bug in checkout when using a tax file.
  • [PC-962] - 'All States' tax file hangs at checkout.