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ProductCart's Default Storefront

When to Customize the Store Design

ProductCart allows you to create a completely customized design for your store. You can either integrate ProductCart with the design that you are already using on your Web site, or create a completely new one. There are virtually no limitation is doing so. Your store will merge seamlessly with the design that you will choose for it.

You can decide to work on a personalized graphical interface for your store at any time. Some ProductCart customers prefer to first configure some general settings, add products and categories to their store catalog, use the default graphical interface provided with ProductCart for testing the storefront, and switch to a customized design for their store at a later time.

Header.asp and Footer.asp

ProductCart uses two files located in the pc folder and called header.asp and footer.asp, to dynamically build a graphical interface around the shopping cart pages that it creates. For instance, when you load a category page, the software “pulls in” these two files to wrap your Web store design around the page.

When you first install and activate ProductCart, if you go to your storefront, you will see the default graphical interface. You will very likely not use these files for your own store, but rather create a custom interface based on your Web site’s design. To do so, follow the instructions listed under Customizing Your ProductCart Store. Integrating ProductCart with your own store design is easy and quick to accomplish.

Using the Default Interface as a Point of Reference

However, the default graphical interface that comes with ProductCart includes some useful features that you may want to transfer over to your own, personalized version of header.asp and footer.asp. You can do so by copying and pasting code from the default version of header.asp to your custom version of the file.

Performing these tasks does require a basic knowledge of HTML and an HTML editor. If you need help with designing a custom interface for your store, we encourage you to contact our ProductCart sales team.