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Reward Points Overview

ProductCart’s Reward Points module allows merchants to promote customer loyalty and increase sales by rewarding customers for purchases and for referring other customers. The system allows store administrators to implement a marketing program that mimics the airline industry’s popular ‘miles’ program. Customers earn points while making purchases or referring other customers, then redeem points for discounts and free merchandise.

Some of Reward Points’ unique features:
  • Points, Miles, Golden Nuggets...
    The merchant has full control on how the rewards program is implemented, starting with its name. Through an intuitive interface fully integrated with ProductCart’s point and click Control Panel, the store administrator can assign a name to the program, which will be reflected anywhere across the on-line store.
  • Earning Points
    The merchant can easily assign points to products. The store automatically displays how many points each product will earn a customer, and shows a summary of total points for the order before and after the order is submitted. Customers can log into their account and view a summary of earned and used points at any given time.
  • Redeeming Points 
    The merchant sets a conversion rate between points and dollars. A 20% conversion rate would mean that customers can redeem 100 earned points by deducting $20 from their next purchase on the store.
  • Promoting Word of Mouth
    Merchants can also allow existing customers to earn points when they refer other customers that make a purchase on the store. The amount of points earned on a referral can be a fixed amount or based on the new customer’s order value.  

Rewards Points Terminology

The first step in using ProductCart's Reward Points module is to configure its general settings using the Marketing > Manage Reward Points > General Settings link in the ProductCart Control Panel. Before proceeding, please review the following definitions, which will be used throughout this chapter:
  • Reward Points: Units that are assigned to products, and that customers accrue when making purchases and referring other customers (if this feature is enabled). They can only be positive integers. They can be called by any name: miles, credits, golden nuggets… That’s up to you.
  • Conversion Rate: The conversion rate sets the ratio at which points are translated into money by the system. How much should 100 points translate to? If the conversion rate were set to 100%, each point would translate to one dollar, and therefore 100 points would translate to 100 dollars. 150% means that each point translates into $1.50. 20% indicates that each point is equal to $0.20. And so on. Assign points to your products and set the conversion rate in a way that makes sense to your business.
  • Referral Points: The Reward Points module allows you to reward customers for referring new, purchasing customers. Referral Points indicate how many points a customer receives when he/she refers a new customer to the store.