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Storefront: Manage Best Sellers


The Manage Best Sellers page works similarly to the Manage Home Page feature. This page controls the way Best Sellers are shown in the storefront ( pc/showbestsellers.asp).

Control Panel Tools

You can find the Manage Best Sellers page under: Pages > Manage Special Pages > Best Sellers

Display Settings
  • Page Description
    You can show a page description at the top of the page. Since the description can contain HTML, you can use it to make your page look graphically appealing and more professional. If the field is empty, no page description is shown at the top of the page.
  • Product Display Settings
    Choose a display option for how products are displayed. If you select Default, the system will use your default Display Settings. See more information on product display settings. Two additional display settings apply when products are shown in a list.

    -Show the product part number (SKU)
    -Show the small product thumbnail

For details on how these two options affect the display of products on the page, please refer to the Display Settings section.

Products to Show

These settings allow you to define which products will be considered Best Sellers.
  • Number of products to show
    This is the total number of products that will be shown in the storefront. This is not a “products per page” setting, but rather the total number of Best Sellers that will be shown on the page. There is no page navigation on the Best Sellers page. So if you set this value to 20, and there are 20 products that have sold more than the N number of units entered in the field below, then 20 products will be displayed on the page.
  • Only include products of which you have sold at least N units
    Enter the minimum number of units that must have been sold for a product to qualify as a Best Seller.
  • Show "Not for Sale" products
    Indicate whether products that are no longer available for sale should still be listed.
  • Show "Out of Stock" products
    Indicate whether products that are out of stock should be listed. This setting applies only on stores where inventory tracking is turned on (Allow customers to purchase out of stock items is set to “No”). In addition, when the Disregard Stock option has been selected for a product, the product is shown even if this setting is set to “No” and the product is out of stock.