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View Saved Shopping Carts Statistics

What information it provides

This report provides aggregate, monthly statistics on:
  • the number of shopping carts saved by the system
  • the subset of them belonging to customers that are not registered with the store (anonymous column)
  • the top 10 products that were mostly frequently added to the shopping cart.

When carts are saved

Shopping carts are saved automatically when customers add items to the shopping cart page and visit the shopping cart page ( viewcart.asp). If they add items to the cart, but checkout (or leave the store) without visiting the shopping cart page (e.g. they click on a “Checkout” text link or button in your store navigation), the shopping cart is not saved.

Cleared carts and saved cart statistics

Saved shopping carts are cleared when an order for those products is placed by the customer (so that customers returning to the store are not reminded of products that they have already purchased). However, those carts still appear in the Saved Shopping Cart Statistics report. This is by design. For example, imagine if you had 200 customers place items in the cart in June, and 150 of them complete those purchases, of which 50 in August. What matters to you is to see how many shopping carts were “saved” in the month of June and which products were most frequently added to the cart. If the statistics were cleared when orders are placed, you would see less data over time (as carts are converted into orders in July and August).